Freek Berson is a frequent speaker at conferences and meetups around the world and has been a Microsoft MVP since 011. He authored the book “Getting started with Bicep”, co-authored “RDS – The Complete Guide”, and published the e-books “Azure Virtual Desktop Handbook: Security Fundamentals” and “Azure Virtual Desktop Migration Guide for Remote Desktop Services”. He works at Corel as an evangelist and Outbound Product Manager for the Parallels team with a focus on Parallels RAS and Cloud solutions for virtual applications and desktop delivery. He maintains his personal blog at where he writes articles and blog posts related to Parallels RAS, Azure Virtual Desktop, Remote Desktop Services, Azure, and much more. You can follow him on twitter via @fberson.

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Empowering hybrid and remote workforces with a digital workspace from any device, anywhere. EUC Enthusiast, Microsoft MVP, 🎤 public speaker, 📚 Author.