I have authored a new e-book which focusses on all the security aspects of Windows Virtual Desktop. Find out how to secure your Windows Virtual Desktop environment when implementing your WVD infrastructure in Azure.

This security handbook provides technical hands-on guidance help protect your desktops, apps and data in your Windows Virtual Desktop deployment.

Abstract When you use Windows Virtual Desktop, it’s important to understand that Microsoft has already helped secure some services. Microsoft helps secure the physical datacenters, the physical network, and the physical hosts that Azure runs on. Microsoft is also responsible for securing the virtualization control plane…

Yesterday, a couple of code snippets I contributed to Bicep 💪, were merged in the latest Bicep CLI version 0.3.310! Super cool to see this in action myself for the first time.

What does it allow you to do? Bicep is the DSL which allows you to create Azure Resources in a declarative way. The Bicep VSCode extension already does a great job of providing Intellisense, code completion and much more! Recently, the concept of Code Snippets was also introduced in Bicep. This allows you to declare resources in a super fast way.

The Code Snippets I contributed allow you…

I decided it was about time to publish the decks of my speaking engagements into a central repo. Github ⭐ seemed like the perfect place, so here it is. It contains a first subset of my sessions over the past years from in-person events around the world 🌎(pre-Covid), various community conferences, meetups & webinars 🎥! Most session discuss topics around Windows Virtual Desktop, Remote Desktop Services, ARM Templates and Bicep!

#WVD #Bicep #Community

Recently Parallels announced version 18 of their Remote Application Server (RAS) product is coming soon! The release notes with added features and improvements for this version is huge! The highlights are as:

  • Windows Virtual Desktop Integration
  • FSLogix Profile Containers Integration
  • UX Evaluator & Advanced Session Metrics
  • Automated Image Optimizations
  • RDSH & VDI Local Storage Distribution
  • Management Portal

For an explanation of the full list of this release see this article: Coming Soon in Parallels RAS 18. In this article I want to focus on the Windows Virtual Desktop Integration. I remember conversations with many people of the Parallels RAS team…

I had the privilege to test drive the integration of MSIX app attach in the Azure portal at an early stage. In this article I’ll share my early test results!

On October 16, 2019 I wrote the article MSIX app attach will fundamentally change working with application landscapes on Windows Virtual Desktop! This was based on a pre-private preview providing a sneak peek on what’s coming. Since that time I wrote several other articles covering the evolution of the technology. I covered publishing a heavy design application using MSIX app attach, I shared some scripts to transform MSIX applications into…

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article on my first experiences with Project ‘Bicep’. Back then, Project ‘Bicep’ was just released as an 0.1 Alpha version. In case you missed that article, follow this link.

Recently, version 0.2 was released which contains some great features as listed on the left. I was especially looking forward to the option of using Modules and Scopes and having IntelliSense and code formatting to improve the overall authoring experience.

To get started, install the latest Bicep 0.2 release using the URL below.

To use bicep VS Code extension, simply install the…

Two weeks ago I shared a couple of first screenshots of using the Surface Duo as a Windows Virtual Desktop client. You can catch the article here: Microsoft Surface Duo, running WVD! Last week we also briefly discussed and showed the Surface Duo use case during the live stream Windows Virtual Desktop — Experiences, Use Cases & Whats new.

After trying out a couple of more use cases, I thought I’d share those here as well to give a better impression on the options.

It did take me some time to get used to the various gestures to move apps…

The launch of Microsoft Surface Duo received a lot of attention! In case you missed the announcement videos, check out the Surface Duo landing page!

The first use case I, and many other in this space, though of was: the ideal portable WVD Client that you can take literally anywhere! Work on-the-go!

The Surface Duo is not available for purchase in every region. But having so many fellow technology geeks working at Wortell, you can always count on someone who manages to succeed! And so here we are! …

I’ve been developing Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates for many years. I love how ARM contributes to automation and to repetitive and standardized Azure deployments across different Azure Subscriptions. Whether your favourite approach is ARM, REST Api, CLI, PowerShell or anything else, automation and infrastructure as code are key to become successful with Azure.

But did you know the main driver behind automation is actually the Dutch Stroopwafel? :) To learn why, check out the recording of a session I presented back in 2017 at the E2E conference in Orlando, Florida!

There is no doubt that ARM is extremely powerful…

I usually design and implement Windows Virtual Desktop environments for customers to provide them with Published Applications and Desktops from the Cloud, the serious stuff. But occasionally I like to use that same WVD for some fun stuff as well!

If you did not see it before, previously I ran the Command and Conquer Remastered Game inside WVD. You can catch the video and corresponding article here.

And recently I also performed an experiment with running and using a WVD Windows 10 Multi Session Desktop from within Minecraft!

Although the Command and Conquer Remastered game leverages the GPU as expected…

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Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) and Remote Desktop Services (RDS) enthusiast / evangelist and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, working at Wortell

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